Dentures and Partials Removal

Dentures and Partials Removal in Spring Valley, NY

Missed teeth can occur as a result of trauma, decay, or simply as part of the aging process. Life without teeth can be difficult due to problems with speech and eating. There are many restorative procedures that can be done to replace missing teeth. Partial dentures are one of them and are commonly used.

Here at Main Street Dental Care in Spring Valley, NY, we care about your oral health and comfort. That’s why we put together some instructions on how to take care of your partial dentures.

What Are They

Removable partial dentures contain replacement teeth. They’re attached to your mouth using clasps or connectors. Precision attachments can also be used and are considered more natural-looking. Here at Main Street Dental Care, we will design your dentures based on your mouth’s dimensions. There aren’t fixed sizes that suit groups of people, and they need to be custom made.

You may be getting dentures because they’re essential to help you chew and talk, but that doesn’t mean we’re ready to sacrifice comfort. Living with a distressing object in your mouth can be terrible. Just know that when you first get your dentures, they might feel abnormal to you. As you get used to them though, you’ll start noticing them less until you forget they’re there.

Taking Care of Them

Removable dentures are great because you can take them off at night, which could provide you with some relief. Additionally, they can be cleaned and taken care of them to avoid infections and food build-up.

First of all, there’s always the possibility of dropping your dentures and breaking them. So, when it’s time to clean them, make sure you do it over a sink full of water or over a towel just in case. You should also avoid using toothpaste or cleaners used around the house because they’re too destructive to dentures.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t brush them. Use a toothbrush in combination with some hand soap to clean them and remove any food stuck on them. We also recommend you use a soft brush rather than a hard one to preserve the dentures.

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