Can Children’s Dentistry Also Be Handled by a Family Dentist?

Can Children’s Dentistry Also Be Handled by a Family Dentist?

Apr 01, 2020

All dentists need to attend four years of dental school before they can practice in their profession. Many are investing additional time and money to gain expertise in a specific field such as endodontics, periodontics, children’s dentistry, orthodontics, and cosmetic dentistry. The professionals specializing in a particular field are working exclusively to treat certain conditions or patients, unlike general dentists.

Family dentists undoubtedly are capable of handling children’s dentistry because the oral cavity regardless of the age of the patient remains the same. However there usually focusing on general issues like eliminating tooth decay, removing the buildup of plaque and tartar and on the teeth, filling cavities and ensuring proper health of the gums. Family dentists also have special skills but when they are confronted with a complex problem they will often refer the patient to a specialist.

How Is a Children’s Dentist Different?

Children’s dentists are different because after graduating from dental school they are spending another 2 to 3 years educating themselves in a specialty that enables them to manage young children. They deal exclusively with children and therefore have more experience with them. The specialized education they receive focuses on child psychology and development.

Children’s dentists focus on working with young patients while family dentists treat patients of all ages. These professionals have the skills needed to interact with infants and children with special needs. They can also provide counseling for children with habits like extended pacifier use and thumbsucking.

How to Decide Between the Two?

If your child is anxious about dental visits we suggest that you visit the dentist near me and thereafter the children’s dentist located close to your vicinity. Offices for children are designed keeping the needs of kids in mind. The environment by itself can ease the anxiousness in your child.

If your child has special needs like autism, cleft palate, or Down syndrome he or she will be better handled by the children’s dentist rather than the family dentist. It is suggested that you schedule a consultation with a reputed children’s dentist along with your family dentist and visit their offices with your child to determine which option suits you best. The dentists from both fields will be happy to discuss with you and provide all the information you need to convince you.

Family dentists are certainly capable of caring for your child’s teeth but do not have the specialized training that children’s dentists have. It is similar to taking your child to a pediatrician rather than the family doctor whenever you have a problem with your health.

How Does a Children’s Dentist Ease the Anxiousness of the Child?

As mentioned earlier children’s dentists have kid-friendly offices to ensure children have a great time even as they arrive for their appointment to care for their teeth or a dental problem. Children’s dentists also invest in smaller and kid-friendly dental tools that can put the child at ease. They have staff that is trained to be friendly and loving with kids. In short, they make every effort needed to ensure they are doing full justice to the additional education they received after graduating from dental school to provide children with the best dental care.

Children’s dentists do not mind parents of children accompanying the child to the treatment room during dental visits. They may invite the parent to sit on the dentists’ chair with the child in their lap if it helps to make the child more comfortable. Children are often noncooperative even with a simple preventive measure of having dental sealants applied. In such cases, they can easily be comforted by the parent to ensure the procedure progresses smoothly.

What Fields Does a Children’s Dentist Specialize in?

Managing young children effectively is the main specialty of a children’s dentist. However the dentist in Spring Valley, NY, also has extensive knowledge about preventive care for children which is extremely important to help them avoid tooth decay, cavities, and other problems. Dentist Nanuet, NY, can provide the child with all information on how he or she should follow proper oral hygiene practices to avoid any problems with dental health.

Family and children’s dentists are both practicing in the profession of dentistry but professionals in children’s dentistry have specialized to exclusively deal with the problems children develop in their growing years.

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