Fast Facts About Pediatric Dentistry in Spring Valley 

Fast Facts About Pediatric Dentistry in Spring Valley 

Jul 01, 2020

Do you ever wonder why children, with their little mouths, have an entire specialty in dentistry dedicated to them? Much as kids have tiny oral cavities, their oral problems are not usually as small. Children go through different developmental stages that dictate changes in their oral cavity just as much.

If you hear a general dentist near you referring your child to a pediatric dentist in Spring Valley, NY, there must be something special about pediatric dentistry.

What Is Pediatric Dentistry?

It is an area of dentistry special to the oral needs of children, right from infancy to teen years. As soon as your child starts teething, they are ready for their first dentist visit in Spring Valley.

Simple as it may sound, it is not easy for parents to book appointments with pediatric dentists in Spring Valley NY. Often, it would take an oral problem for a parent to consider pediatric dentistry. This, however, should not be the case.

Role of Pediatric Dentistry

​Children may have smaller mouths, but their needs are far more diverse than for adults. The different stages of life kids go through present new dental challenges that would best be addressed by a pediatric dentist. Some of the roles pediatric dental care plays in dentistry include:

  • Nutritional counseling – as children grow up, you need them to be on different diets that will bring out the best in their health. This also covers the transition from soft foods to hard foods.
  • Habit counseling – if you thought habits were hard to unlearn wait until your child picks up a bad habit. Some oral habits like chewing fingernails and sucking thumbs can impact oral health negatively. Still, it may not be easy to lead your child into quitting such habits without the help of dental experts for kids.
  • Treatment for dental cavities – kids are more prone to oral cavities between the ages of 6 and 14 years old. The sugary foods they love to indulge in increase the risk of dental cavities and decay even further. Treating cavities is jot something you can do for your child if you keep evading pediatric dental visits.
  • Orthodontics – while there is a specialty to handle all orthodontic challenges, it is a pediatric dentist that will realize the need for pursuing such treatment. Problems with the alignment of teeth develop quite early in the life of a child. If they are addressed early enough, your child has a high likelihood of enjoying long-term success with teeth alignment.

Fast Facts About Pediatric Dentistry

If you are still hesitant about the importance of pediatric health care in your child’s life, consider the following interesting facts about pediatric dentistry:

  • Pediatric dentists have specialized in Healthcare provision for children – the amount of hours, experience, and training that goes into specialization has got to count for something when it comes to effective service delivery for child dental care.
  • Kid-friendly environments – one of the reasons why children dislike medical centers is the kind of environment it is. Pediatric dentistry is designed for kids, which means that children are very likely to love dental health when they walk into a pediatric dental facility.
  • Friendly dental experts – if the environment is not enough, the friendly nature of the staff in pediatric dental facilities will be the reason your child is accepting of dental treatments.
  • Infection can be transmitted from mother to child – in dental health, research shows that more than 70% of dental decay in kids roots from bacteria transmitted from a mother to an infant. Luckily, with early dental health care for your child, the cavities may not manifest and cause harm.
  • Preventive care is big in pediatric dentistry – many services offered in this area of dentistry are preventive rather than cosmetic and restorative. Ideally, there may never be a need to pursue dental treatments when preventive measures have properly been laid for your child. Treatments like dental sealants and fluoride treatment go a long way in fighting oral cavities and dental decay.
  • Oral hygiene is a big part of pediatric dental health – cleaning teeth does not come as an obvious thing for children. The mastery of proper teeth cleaning efforts takes repeated training. Learning more about proper oral hygiene is better when it comes to a dentist rather than from you.

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